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New to the Toussaint Tinctures Wellness Cabinet, our new homemade medicinal line for your over-the-counter issues.

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Get ready for winter with our EXHALE medicinal care line.

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Cough Syrup- A Cough and congestion suppressing, immune boosting herbal blend. Elderberry, Elecampagne, Licorice, Echinacea, Marshmallow, Ginger, Slippery Elm, and Cinnamon Barks, Orange Peel, Fennel Seeds, Alcohol and Buckwheat Honey.

Herbal Throat Spray- A throat and cough soothing, cold kicking herbal blend.

Hippie Cold Cure Tea - The go to cold care blend during the cold & flu seasons dispelling fevers, headaches and other cold symptoms.

Vivapora Chest Rub - An herbal Vapor Rub. When the sniffles or congestion hit, reach for our aromatic chest rub to naturally soothe and support a good night's sleep – without menthol or petroleum. Great for anyone in the family with sensitive skin, just massage gently onto the chest and breathe easy.

EXHALE- Cold, Flu and Sinus Extraction - a blend to help kick up you immune system at the first sign of a cold.

Golden Adaptogenius Elixir - An elixir to boost immunity, brain function and lower stress during the winter months.

Ms. Menthe Bath Tea - Ms. Menthe- Linden flowers & Eucalyptus leaf blend great for sinus,cold and flu symptom relief

Clear the Air Steam - Eucalyptus Blend- For cold and congestion respiratory relief and skin relaxation.

EXHALE Care Pack - Receive a 0.5 oz Extraction or Elixir, Vivapora, 1 oz Throat Spray, Single Hippie Herbal Tea, Clear the Air Steam from this line to prep or aid in times of illness (reduced sizes to value of $50)

Instructions included for each extraction type.