Drink Me Herbal Tea

Drink Me Herbal Tea

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Introducing Toussaint Tinctures Drink Me Tea Club. We bring you special blends that will tickle your nose and spring your body and spirit into optimal health.

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Available Styles:

Loose Love Tea - a root tea that will honor and nourish the sacral chakra. Great for V-day. powered by the Carnelian gemstone.

Floral Teatox - Spring into the season with our 7 CHAKRA balancing, gentle detox. Best used in the winter/spring. powered by the the Crystal Quartz, the and Fluorite gemstones

SlimFine Tea - A cellulite reducing tea blend that encourages any weightloss journey.

Black Rose- a sensually caffeinated and aromatic morning delight.

Hibiscus Cooler - A summer/fall cool and cozy treat great when served hot or cold.

Migraine Ease (Caffeinated/ Aspirin warning) - A special blend to help rid those pesky and sometimes dibilitating headaches and migraines.

Mommy-to-be Tea - A Uterine tonic especially made for pregnant and post-partum mommies.

Hippy Cold Cure - The go to cold care blend during the cold & flu seasons dispelling fevers, headaches and other cold symptoms.

Lymph Flow - Say goodbye to cysts, boils and congested lymph glands. This blend encourages healthy circulation of the lymphatic system within the body.


1oz Bag ~ 8-10 cups*

2oz Bag ~ 15-20 cups

Depending on amount used per cup. Each order includes 8 unbleached disposable tea bags.

Instructions included for each tea style.