High Vibrations Smudge Kit

High Vibrations Smudge Kit

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Divine beauty and love honed into each wand hand-crafted by Lady Tutu. Experience the exquisite aroma and healing qualities of the High vibrations Smudge. A sacred tool for balancing the chakras and enhancing your meditation practice.

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From the sacred sage paired with lavender, rosemary, hyssop, rose, thyme and other dried flowers and herbs, each are made from dried herbs and flowers grown in an organic manner, sourced locally by hand, or from local farmers. 

The practice of smudging has been performed for centuries by many cultures. It is a spiritual practice meant to cleanse, protect and bring focus energy into one’s meditation.


-Handmade smudge wand 8-10 inches long

-Loose smudge herbs with healing palo santo chips

-Smokeless Smudge spray for space and body cleanse

-Abalone shell 5-6 inches long

When to Smudge:
When you want to cleanse the energy in a space
Before a ritual of self-care
After moving into a new home or office
When you begin a new job, start your own business, or the beginning of a new project
Before and after you have guests
Before and after your yoga practice or a healing session
During a new or full moon
Before meditation, chanting, or sound bathes
After an argument or season of tension
At the end of a stressful week
Before/During a long soak in the bath
When staying in a shared space while traveling

***Floral Smudge Stick, Wand, Ceremony, Meditation, Sacred Cleansing, Positive Energy, Spiritual Altar Tool***