Black Lava Mineral Beauty Detox

Black Lava Mineral Beauty Detox

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Activated Charcoal | Hawaiian Sea Salt | Lymphatic Support | Vegan

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Known for its amazing therapeutic qualities, regularly bathing in black lava salt baths can help relieve muscle aches and pains, tired feet, cleanse pores, flush out toxins, eases digestion & detoxify the skin.

This special blend of black salt and essential oils promote the circulation of the lympahtic system and should be accompanied with the ayurvedic practice of "dry brushing".
Dry brushing is a method that helps to promote good circulation and drainage of the lymphatic system, exfoliates the skin and REDUCES CELLULITE. ALWAYS DRY BRUSH FIRST. 

In additon to lympahtic support Activated Charcoal attracts and traps skin oil and dirt like a magnet, helping to rid skin of acne and blemishes. According to Ayurveda, black sea salt is a cooling salt. It has a low sodium content and is used in treating worts, sprains, and athletes foot. Black lava salt is infused with activated charcoal, which assists the body with removing harmful impurities.

Use of black salt while bathing can help you to relieve dry and itchy skin as well as serious skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis. The bath naturally opens up the pores, improves circulation in the skin and hydrates the tissues so that your skin can heal.

SPIRITUALLY It washes away depression and negativity


Black Lava Sea Salt
Juniper Berry essential oil (Soak, body & foot scrub)
Cedarwood essential oil (Soak)
Cypress essential oil (Soak)
Citrus essential oils (Soak)
Tea tree essential oil (foot Scrub)
Peppermint essential oil (foot Scrub)

Sea Salt blend
Baking Soda
Arrowroot powder
Vitamin E
Olive Oil
Jojoba Oil


BATH SOAK 16oz : Add 1/4-1/2 cup to running hot bath water with bath door closed, allow infusion for about 10 minutes. Add fresh flowers or dried of your choice. Then soak for 20 minutes. Drain tub and wash body with soap and water to remove charcoal residue. 

FOOT SOAK 4oz: pour 2-3 tablespoons of foot soak into a washing tub. Soak feet for around 20 minutes. 

BODY SCRUB 8oz: After showering with soap and water, use the complimentary wooden spatula scooping the scrub into hands and rub in circular motions on problem areas. Rinse thoroughly and re-wash with soap to removed residual activated charcoal from skin.

Note: You'll find that your skin will turn a little black from the lava, have no worries. It comes right off with soap.

Juniper berry benefits via DoTerra Essential oil company: