Boob Butter by Showgirl Essentials

Boob Butter by Showgirl Essentials

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Healing Skin Salve | Infused Oil |100% natural | Arnebia Root | Calendula | Essential Oils

1oz | 2oz | 4oz

Showgirl Essentials introducing a fragrant and relaxing nipple healing balm. Perfect for dry and achy, reddened or chapped nips after a long night of pastie wearing and those medal deserving mommies! 

Arnebia Root:
Calendula Only:
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This lovely healing elixir is also works great as a hand salve. With healing properties from calendula, Arnebia root (Lithospermum root), olive oil, Shea butter, beeswax and Essential oils. Your skin will heal in no time.

Contents: 1 - (ONE) container of boob butter, 6 - (SIX) complimentary surgical alcohol swabs.


After removing your pasties for the night apply the butter directly to the nipple area or full breast if you desire. Allow it to work it’s magic overnight while enjoying the relaxing scent of the calendula, lavender, chamomile and bergamot.

The next morning wash with soap and water if you are wearing pasties that day. For extra cleaning support swipe with an alcohol swab.

WARNING DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT IF YOU PLAN TO WEAR PASTIES THE SAME DAY. The pastie adhesive will likely not stay secure with washing first & swabbing.

May also be used for eczema, boils, burns, vaginal itching EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

****Lithospermum herb IS NOT safe on nipple FOR NURSING (BREASTFEEDING) MOMS.****

****please choose the Calendula option instead.****