Baby Love Depot

Baby Love Depot

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Baby | Organic | Wellness | Skin Care | Holistic | Congestion | Immunity boost

New to the Toussaint Tinctures Wellness Line is our Baby Depot, our new handmade line for your baby and me needs.

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Root Baby Powder - A baby powder made of root herbs to help keep the baby’s bottom dry and healthy. 4oz

Herbal Bathtime - An herbal blend to soothe the baby and parents after a long day to have a good night’s rest. 8oz

Wonder Oil - A lovely herbal alternative to the over the counter baby oil that will moisturize and nourish the bab’y skin. 8oz

Tender Tushy Cream - Our handmade cream created to ease and aid any discomfort due to diaper rash or skin irritations. 4oz

Moon Womb Tea - A nourishing tea blend mommies to be and post-partum mommies to support womb transitions. powered by the moon. 4oz

Nipple Care - An healing salve formulated to support the natural healing due to latch and other sensitivities cause by nursing. 2oz

BABY BASKET Gift Set -A gift wrapped combination of herbal products for both mommy and baby including an additional baby themed gift. (please note : herbal products and sizes may vary.)