Gourmet Bath Salt

Gourmet Bath Salt

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100% natural | Himalayan Salt | Sea Salt | Epsom Salt | Aromatherapy

An Ayurvedic bath can enhance circulation, elevate energy levels, rehydrate skin, relax muscles, promote better sleep and balance out our whacky selves.

Bath salts are the perfect way to turn your bathroom into an erotic spa. Take your pick from this sensual selection of stimulating bath salts.

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Each individual order arrives in its very own uniquely chosen glass jar. (containers may vary depending on supply)

Great for a hot bath or shower.


Sea Salt Blend

Epsom Salt

Essential Oils

Vitamin E

Arrowroot Powder



Lavendula - Lavender + other oils and lavender herbs

Bed of Roses - Rose + other oils and ground rose petals

Citrus Bliss - Citrus Scent and orange peel (PHOTOTOXIC)

Morning Wood - Woodsy Scent- Sandalwood + other oils

Waiting to Exhale - Respiratory & Sinus Relief

Fey Fantasy - Iridescent Shimmer powder, Juniper berry+ other oils

SIZES: Jar shape varies the amount.

ONE- 3-4 oz

TWO- 8-10oz

THREE- 16oz


Fill a muslin bag with your herbal mixture. Close the top and toss your herb bundle into a tub filled with the hottest water you have. Walk away for a while and give your bath time to cool down to a comfortable temperature. When you come back your bath will have infused right in the tub!

Store in airtight container in a dark dry place to prevent molding.

Shelf Life- 1 YEAR or 6 months with herbs



WE DO wedding, bridal, baby shower and party favors TOO... Available in SMALLER SIZES!

1oz-2oz favors varies depending on choice and available containers.

30 day advanced order time REQUIRED.