Kaolin Rose Milk Bath

Kaolin Rose Milk Bath

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Island Rose | Kaolin Clay | Coconut Milk | Detox Bath | 100% Natural

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Try our Kaolin clay milk detox bath. This bath does well to help detoxify your body, nourish and refresh your skin leaving a supple and sensual feel all the while  keeping you in a divine state of mind.

1-2 times per week to resolve:

• Body aches and pains
• Acne
• Eczema
• Headaches
• Digestive issues
• Brain fog
• Feeling tired and fatigued or stressed
• Sinus issues like allergies or congestion

SIZE: 4 oz. OR 16 oz. (fluid ounces)


Kaolin Clay
Salt Mixture
Essential Oils
Coconut Milk
Rose + other herbs


-Turn on the faucet and start filling the tub with water that is as hot as you can stand it but still comfortable (you don’t want your heart to race which is what happens when your body gets too hot). This will promote good blood circulation and allow your lymph to drain a bit. 

-Carefullly pour 3-5 TBS of the clay mixture into the bath tub. 

DO NOT USE METAL UTENSILS OR BOWLS the clay reacts negatively to metal.

-Grab a big glass of water to keep near the tub when you get thirsty. Make sure it isn’t too cold or it will be too shocking for your system.

-Soak in the bath for at least 20 minutes. Get as much of your body under the water as possible. While soaking, use a wash cloth to scrub any remaining clay off the skin. If you have long hair, you might want to pull it up into a bun to keep it from getting dried out by the clay. 

-Rinse in the shower with warm water (though cool water is best to close up your pores) until all the clay clumps have come off.

-Apply your favorite body oil (I like this one) while you’re still in the shower for even application. You need to do this otherwise your skin might be a bit dry from using the clay.

This bath is great for removing a lot of toxins as the clay binds to heavy metals and the epsom salts help pull a variety of toxins from the body while replenishing magnesium levels.