The GLOW Facial Steam

The GLOW Facial Steam

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Herbal Steam | Floral | Deep Pore | Relaxing | Aromatic | 100% natural

Try our Glowing Herbal Facial Fteam. Treat your face and your nose with this aromatic, pore opening ritual. It will help clear the skin of dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells and other debris to release clogged pores, acne and blackheads in the healthiest way.

This steam also Increases Circulation(creating the GLOW), has Anti-Aging benefits, promotes Sebum Expression, Encourages overall relaxation and allows healthier absorption and response of other skin treatments like masks, massages, toners, moisturizers and more.

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Calming Calendula - Lemon Balm & Calendula Blend- for MILD irritations

Suddenly Supple - Rose & Lavender Blend - All skin types

Clear the Air - Eucalyptus Blend- For cold and congestion respiratory relief and skin relaxation

Skin Deep - Lemon Balm Blend - For especially clogged pores or blackhead skin issues

Brighter Days- Orange peel and Green tea Blend - For revitilazing and brightening dull or mature skin.

HOW TO USE: 2-3 times per month (more than 3 times risks skin irritations)

Home Supplies you'll need...

Gentle facial cleanser

Facial Sauna/ Steamer (available on Amazon) or a Pot with cover & a Large glass or ceramic bowl

Bath towel

Clean Washcloth

The GLOW herb blend

Essential oils (optional)

HOW TO STEAM: Instructions included with purchase.

Regular herbal steaming promotes healthy skin, is easy to do and feels great. Taking the time to give your skin the love it needs will return clarity, suppleness, and vibrancy to its appearance.

Treat yourself or your friends to a home spa treatment and feel the many benefits!

DISCLAIMER: Facial steaming is not well suited for rosacea-prone skin conditions as the heat can cause dilation of blood vessels, contributing to redness. Furthermore, it's not a good idea for people with with active cystic acne, inflamed or eczema skin conditions or overly dry skin because of the natural oils that are being stripped.

*Skin with severe acne or any other condition (such as sensitivity or redness) should consult with a skin professional before steaming at home. This is only restricted for acne sufferers when the skin is irritated, broken or raw; use your best judgement when deciding whether or not to steam.

SHELF LIFE: 6-8 months in air tight container